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Cold is the perfect ally for all those professionals who work respecting Italian pastry tradition, in which great attention to quality, a natural inclination towards creativity and the use of cutting-edge pastry refrigerators are required.

Pastry is an art that needs to follow a correct and professional refrigeration process: delicate products such as creams and eggs must be kept cool and at a specific temperature. This process avoids the proliferation of microorganisms, preventing unpleasant and unwanted alterations of ingredients. Moreover, a correct refrigeration process allows customers to enjoy high-quality raw materials and therefore delicious desserts.

GEMM offers professional pastry freezers that will perfectly satisfy all the needs of small and big pastry laboratories and bakeries. From blast freezers to upright refrigerated cabinets, from refrigerated bases and counters to retarder prover cabinets, essential to control the leavening cycle: with the GEMM products, professionals can raise their own quality standards to satisfy the palate of their customers.

Discover GEMM professional pastry refrigerators and freezers or contact us for further information! We are happy to help you choose the most suitable equipment for your needs.

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